Debugging on device?


How do I debug my SceneKit project on my device, when I can only have the sensor plugged in?

Afaik XCode does not provide wireless debugging?

I’m stuck if I cannot debug, because whilst I believe my .dae asset is setup correct, the app crashes when trying to load after scanning.

All’s I’ve done is modify the MR sample, removed the gift and chair asset and replaced all tree reference with my own asset name. It should work!


Look into STWirelessLog on the forums or documentation


One additional suggestion: follow the steps in Section 3 of the BridgeEngineUnity-Getting-Started.pdf

This will show you how to deploy a version of Bridget that can Replay Capture (one of the toggle options) from a previously performed session.

By the way, were you able to change the name of the SceneKit node? I suspect that may be what is causing your crash, because you didn’t mention it. Select the .DAE file you’re replacing in the Assets.scnassets folder and click the button circled in red, then double-click on the name of the asset on the sidebar that pops out and replace it.

#include good luck


I was looking into it, however, the documentation that exists is honestly terrible and I have no idea how to implement it properly.

Sure, it gives me a code snippet, but no instruction where to put it etc.

I am 100% new to XCode and SceneKit especially so I’m going to need more then “use this snippet, it works”.

I am using the MR sample if that helps. Where would I put the wireless logging code?


Turns out iOS hates case sensitivity. My dae was exported with a capitalised file extension.


In the case of the Scanner app, it’s actually already in the code within the AppDelegate but commented out. It should be one of the first things to run.


The sample apps (Bridget and MixedReality) also include this debugging feature in their settings.
The setting is checked “on” in the image below. (The others are turned off only for educational purposes - we don’t recommend turning off camera access or the Wide Vision Lens!)

Debugging via Replay Capture re-runs the beginning portion of the experience, when the user scans the space.