Decreasing distance of depth scan


Hello! Whenever we scan an object, we always capture the unwanted walls and furniture in the background. How do we lower the distance of depth scanning such that the unwanted environment are less likely to be captured in the scan?


We do not have a way to decrease the scanning depth with Structure Sensor and the Bridge Engine.


I understand that we can lower scan resolution using kBEMapperVolumeResolutionKey:@(0.006), which is great. We observed that the mesh quality would drop when the scan area is large. We hope to know whether it is possible to lower the scan range so that the mesh quality can be preserved better.


We currently do not have a way to decrease the scanning distance.

This is because you should be standing .5 to 1 meter away from the surfaces you are trying to scan, which prevents you from scanning areas that you do not want to be in the captures area.


Thank you for the response. We understood that the default scan volume is 10m x 10m x 10m. Is there a way for us to adjust the maximum scanning volume?


The only way to adjust the maximum scanning volume is to scan less area.


It may be challenging to limit the scanning area as the environment are often captured unintentionally. May I ask if there is a way to create a bounding zone for scanning, just like the bounding zone in Structure SDK? We are trying to finalize our solution and we really appreciate the kind help that you have been giving us!


We don’t currently have a way of implementing a bounding-box within our Bridge Engine.


Noted. Thank you very much Anthony for the prompt responses! :smile: