Deleting calibration profile from sensor


Is there a method for clearing the calibration profile on a sensor? I’d like to test our app’s handling when dealing with a brand new sensor. We’re directing the user to attach their sensor, and calibrate it (if it’s new) as a first time usage sequence.


@otri Did you ever figure this out? I’m not sure of the official way but I can give you the unofficial way if you have OpenNI2 installed on a Mac or PC somewhere.


That’d be great, I have the hacker cable and can do it the OpenNI2 way as well.


Aaron, I suggest renaming your iPad temporarily in Settings-General-About. This should make the system think it is not calibrated. We don’t support any method to delete the calibration at this time.

under what condition will calibration warning popup?

Perfect solution! Thank you Jeff.


Hey @jeff,

Is this still the preferred method to deleted a calibration? Thanks.


Yes, that’s the trick for resetting calibration.