Depth map inside cube is shifted


Hi everyone,

I’m using the sensor through Unity. I’m trying to use Depth map instead of RGB image. So the background depth map is displayed as a texture from unity, but as you can see the depth map inside the cube is not matching with.

is there a way to move the depth map inside the cube ?


Have you calibrated your Structure Sensor with the Structure Sensor Calibrator App?


I did calibrate the sensor many time but I have same issue too with your own “Scanner” app.
is there any way to fix it??? I have iPad pro 10.5


Please make sure that the iPad bracket is firmly flush on both sides.

Please also make sure that you aren’t using the Wide Vision Lens.

Could you please post a picture of the issue you are seeing on the Scanner App?

What iPad are you using with both your Unity App and the Scanner App? Could you also post a picture of your iPad with the Structure Sensor attached?

Could you, finally, send us a screenshot of the alignment phase of the Calibrator app? This is the phase where you align the color image to the depth image after the short tutorial.


I’m using an iPad pro 12.9.

I’m only using depth values from the sensor, i don’t understand why the calibration is important ? (RGB image will never be visible).


Calibration is important not only for aligning the color images to the depth image but also for tracking.

Since you are using a 12.9-inch Pro, could you please send us a picture of how you attached your bracket to your iPad? This will help us rule out bracket alignment as a potential issue.

Also, are you using the Wide Vision Lens?


@briac.colobert and @bigssu

I have actually just heard that this is a recently discovered issue with our Calibrator App. We are currently working on a fix for this issue and will post here with our solution once one has been found.

We appreciate your patience!