Detail Tech Spec of Structure Sensor


Dear all,

I’m Yu, an international graduate in Columbia University. This is my first post on this forum. It’s my pleasure to hear your advice!

Recent, I am working on a startup project involving using certain kind of 3D scanner as input data. The Structure Sensor is really a good choice for my project, at least for now. The accuracy of Structure Sensor is not very high, but it is enough and budget-saving compared to Artec Eva. Well it look really cool.

Unfortunately, I find that I can not find detailed articles talking about the scan mechanism of structure sensor, only some information from SDK. I want to know Structure Sensor better, in order to achieve a better performance of our algorithm.

I want to know:

  1. The accuracy at certain distance, or sampling point density at certain distance.
  2. The best distance from the scan objects.
  3. The minimum distance from the scan objects.

If anyone could provide useful information, Thank You!

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@caoyujames You can find the technical specs for the Structure Sensor at the end of the developers page. They should answer your questions.


Thank you. Your answer is really helpful.
The minimum distance is 40 cm.
The maximum distance is about 3.5 m or more.
And the Depth Precision is a non-linear function.