Detecting Face while scanning



My new project with structure sensor is about detecting a face.
So what I want to know is that…
Is there any way to detect face and its real dimension while scanning a face or after scanning in the sample app?
Is there any way to calculate the between specifics two points?

The idea now I’m thinking is using OpenCV together in the ios App.
What do you think?


Facial Mocap with Structure Sensor

I was wondering this also. Are the New arkit libs available to the structure sensor?


There is currently no skeletal tracking, object detection, or face detection within the Structure SDK or Bridge Engine.

You can find a the real dimensions of a face after a scan has taken place, though measurement isn’t built-into the Scanner Sample App. You’d have to implement these features yourself.

You might be able to use other libraries with the iOS SDK to enable face detection, but this will have to be a custom integration between the Structure SDK and whatever library or libraries you end up using.

Have a look at the following page for more information on how to do face detection with iOS 11: