Different ways of exporting to sketchup

I am looking at getting the structure sensor mark II. Initially I saw the video with Canvas where I could scan and pay to get CAD files for sketchup. And this is something I would like to do. I understand there are some time before mark II will work with canvas but that’s ok.

But I also want to use this tool to scan furniture’s/products to import into sketchup. But what is the best way to do this? there are so many solutions out there. I am willing to pay for a system if it means I save time not needing to learn blender by example. Though I might look into learning blender for rendering.
But being able to scan and import without the cost per scan is something I want.

What do people recommend?

So far I have found that I could use something like itSeez3D app on ipad to create .OBJ files which is free. Then to get .OBJ files into Sketchup I need something like:




Anyone tried this? They both cost 79$

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