Difficulties using Structure sensor with Nvidia TX1 and OpenNI2


Hello! I’ve been using the Structure sensor with a vanilla Ubuntu install on a traditional PC but recently wanted to port my application to run on the Nvidia TX1 board. I’ve been fruitless in getting OpenNI2 to compile/run on the aarch64 architecture of the TX1 and was wondering if this is something that anyone has gotten working previously or is going to be officially supported by OpenNI2.


Although I haven’t worked with the Nvidia TX1 board myself, I maybe able to send you to the right direction.

On the following page, you can see the list of dependencies you’ll need to load, as well as a video tutorial on how to fully install OpenNI onto the Nvidia TX1 board for the Structure Sensor: http://www.jetsonhacks.com/2014/08/28/building-openni2-structure-sensor/.

Please let me know if this tutorial helps!


The video you linked is actually for the TK1 and not the TX1, unfortunately it doesn’t apply to the TX1

I did actually have some success using some proposed changes that can be found in PR #65. Using the proposed PR, the only further changes were to remove the compiler setting to treat warnings as errors (there appears to be a lot of unused variables) and to resolve some errors by pointing the compiler to the correct USB interface for the board. After that, everything compiled and the samples ran with a structure sensor. EDIT: It appears PR #92 addresses the unused variable by fixing the compiler flags even.

The sensor is also experiencing the dreaded ‘only works once issue’ or ‘only works if program is started 1-2s after plugin’ that other users are reporting. So this seems to be more relevant and there are other threads attempting to address this.

This is a little off topic on the original question, but it appears there are some good changes to be had in the proposed PR’s. It would be great if some of these could be pulled in!


Thanks for the detailed reply, and sorry I lead you in the wrong direction. K’s can sometimes look like X’s ;).

The USB dropping issue (only works once issue or only works if the program is started 1-2s after plugin) seems to be an issue with OpenNI. I’ll let you know if I find a solution to this!