Distance relation between Ipad Air camera and Occipital sensor


Hi all,
We would like to determine the distance between the Occipital depth camera and the Ipad centre. So we need to know some dimensions:
The distance between the Occipital depth camera and the iPad camera (x2 in the picture)
The thickness of the bracket (Occipital support to iPad) (z2 in the picture)
The exact position of the Occiptial receiver camera (lens) in the sensor,(z3 in the the picture)

Note that our iOS device is an iPad Air.
We’ve already seen some metrics on the iOS device documention, but we miss some information about Occipital structure sensor to process our calculations.
You can see more clearly in the picture all our needed dimensions.
It’ll be nice if you could give us some document links to get this infos.
Thank you so much!

Known iPad characteristics
W= 240 mm
W/2 = 120 mm
H = 169.5 mm
H/2 = 84.75 mm
D= 7.5 mm
X1 = 11.1 mm
Y1 = 16 mm
Z1 = D/2 = 3.75 mm


Hi @levels3d,

I’m curious - may I ask what your application is?

Most of the time when we’re asked this question, developers are trying to align sensor depth & iPad camera color themselves; the sensor & SDK can already do this for you, if your sensor/iPad have been calibrated using the Calibrator app on the app store. Using this approach will also calibrate out all the little manufacturing tolerances in every iPad/Structure Sensor (any “nominal” numbers I could give you probably wouldn’t work perfectly on all devices).

Check out the STSensorController method startStreamingWithOptions: in the SDK. Starting a stream with any of the “registered” STStreamConfig options (e.g. STStreamConfigRegisteredDepth640x480) will give you a depth stream already aligned with your iPad’s camera image. No extra work required!


Hi @evan,

We are sorry, we probably forgotten an essential information. Indeed, we need to align the depth sensor with the motion center of the iPad which is at the center (like you can see on the scheme). So, we lack the information that allows us to build a translation vector from the depth sensor to the iPad Center.

Now, I hope you’ll clearly understand our problem

Best Regard