Do you have a 3D printer? Do want something better cardboard? Then you might like the FREE NEODiVR "PLAy" for the Structure sensor


NEODiVRjr xTREME with Occipital Structure sensor and GoPro headband bracket. (See it in use here)

I have been working feverishly creating eAVR enabled content and VR viewers to take advantage of it. The first is the NEODiVRjr. A VR viewer for kids that is also up on Kickstarter right now, but only 10 days left and I am far from reaching my goal. A little disappointed since part of the money was going to go to creating 100 NEODiVR BASICs for children hospitals by Christmas. Luckily some of the backers are still willing to donate regardless, and huge thank you to Shapeways for matching the funds a week back to make sure I can create about 30 shells, not 100 but it is something. Why send VR to hospitals? There is some pretty convincing evidence that immersive experiences have distracted and even modified body temperature in burn patients and I personally have been told from someone at the Shriners Children’s hospital that it helped a child who due to his severe burns, was very difficult to work with. With NEODiVR “Value Edition” and an iPhone 6 they were able to immerse the boy into a land of dinosaurs and were able to perform all the test and dressing changes without a problem. My point is, that I want other hospitals to be able to do the same thing. If you are interested, click here.

The other VR viewer is the NEODiVR PLAy, This came to me when I created a paper version of it for Thanksgivings holiday that anyone could download. It was supposed to be the 21st century version of the paper anaglyph glasses. Just buy some 37 mm D x 45 mm FL lenses on Amazon for $8 or eBay for half that, and you can essentially have pocketable Google Cardboard. When I was creating some renders of the “Paper Edition,” I thought to myself, how about a free version that anyone could 3D print which led to the NEODiVR PLAy, which you probably already figured out that PLA stands for the cornstarch based plastic used by most consumer 3D printers. If you are interested, you can find the STLs and instructions on YouMagine. The paper cutout can be found here:

Finally, there is special NEODiVR PLAy that I am making available here first. There will be instructions and the STLs to print a version you can use with Structure sensor. Here are few renders of the final version (iPhone 6 or 5" phone version shown):

Even though screw hole are available, if you buy the new NEODiMOUNT version 2.0 “Bare Essentials” kit, you will get the bracket with “Blue Steel” strop and the new magnetic bottom to the Structure sensor. That will allow you convert all of your existing Occipital brackets with the extra “Blue Steel” strip thrown in, because you never know when Zoolander might be knocking.


The STLs for the NEODiVR PLAy iPhone 6 Plus with Structure sensor support is done. You can download it here: