Does Mark II work at all?

Good question… We do all what structure team Flow… But with no good results…

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I was worried after reading through all the post, but really needed one for work…

Yes it does work, ive scanned with roomscanner, scanner and canvas , dont see a difference to using my old isense though.

Isense seems to inititallize faster, mk2 sometimes just doesnt connected and I need to unplug/replug.

Old iSense does not work with skanect (always claiming move back to first pose) . But it does work fine with canvas e.t.c.

I am using it for Visual Effects applications where having a rough geometry of something helps a lot.


I just wanted to follow up with @alextsebelis’s post–he emailed and I was able to help get his sensor up and running. If you receive your sensor and it seems like it isn’t working, please feel free to email, and I would be more than happy to help you get up and going.

We are also working on some more comprehensive Getting Started material that will allow users to better self-serve and self-diagnose.


@miles This is not true. I was with @alextsebelis today and we were using the scanner and it simply does not work. The calibration semi works but as soon as you try to scan it goes off alignment within seconds of scanning. Also seems to be a problem with the connecting cord between scanner and iPad, seems to slightly pop-out during uses which is a major issue as well. I am very well experienced t scanning using the firt version of the scanner, but this ones seems to not work at all.

What i’m most pissed about is that you are clearly aware of the problems and don’t tell the consumers. It is a scam honestly. Looking at forums you have known about the issues since it was released.

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@agustayr To begin with, I’m sorry your experience has been frustrating.

We have been aware of many of the issues our customers have been having and we have been working night and day to solve them. We have solved a great many of the issues through our software, firmware, and SDK updates, and we are not done yet.

However, the issues you are experiencing should be able to be fixed through some coaching. Please drop me an email so we can work to solve your particular issues. Any screen recordings of your issues would also be helpful (for instructions on how to record your screen, please check out this article by Apple:


Ugh, I should have came here and read the forums before clicking Buy…

I got my sensor yesterday and was very excited about it. The quality of scans is just TERRIBLE. Features are VERY vague and the apps crash a lot. itSeez3d does a bit better job but the mesh that comes out is still hardly usable.

I was getting quick replies over email before the sale. Post sale has been much longer. hmmm
And no returns at all??

Scandy pro on an iphone11 gave a MUCH better result but was just harder to use. App didn’t didn’t crash tho…

Please contact me here or over email miles. I’d really like a refund on this thing.

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Same thing with me bad quality of scan…

It should be more easy to use…!!

@classicdaily @Mrdn could you guys share some images of your scans? Also, are your using the latest firmware for your Mark 2?

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I just got the sensor yesterday so I would expect it has the current firmware.

link to scan and screen shot in fusion360

Are you using the Scanner app for these scans?

Also, do you have any texture models and photos of the object you are trying to scan? I’m not really sure what I’m looking at from the shared link.

I got mine today, and I struggle I tried calibrating which seems to have gone ok, I followed the tutorial etc.
But when I try apps supposed to work with this and try do a simple scan of an object on a table and I try moving as gentle and smoothly as possible. it keeps saying to keep steady/go back. I am having serious trouble scanning anything.

Is this the problem people here have had?

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I am not getting this to work. I have done multiple calibrations but still its bad, I cant manage to scan anything…

I understand you’ve calibrated your sensor, but have you gotten to use the expert calibrator app?

expert? I only used the structure calibrator app that the manual told me to download and install. is there another app for calibrating this thing? Where can I find that?

You have to get in touch with the developers at Explain your issue and they should give you access to the app.

I did yesterday but have not gotten a response back. Cant say its a good start this, neither product or support seems to work good…

What that expert calibration app…!!!
There is another calibration app than that in the play store??
What should we ask the support if i do not know what that app!!
Just ask for expert calibration??
Why don’t read this thing in all the manuals and help…

Yeah, there is another application for calibration that I had to use to correct some of the issues I was having with the Mark II. You have to get in contact with the developers to get your hands on it. Just explain what issues you’ve been having and hopefully you will be given access to the app. I don’t believe this app or the link to it is publicly available.

I am also coming from a MK1, upgraded with the hopes of better scans and resolution. I’ve had and been scanning with the MK1 since it was kickstarter. I simply can’t get the MK2 to work at the same level, its lucky to finish a scan. It looses tracking in situations whereas the MK1 side by side NEVER had issue. I have a job coming up soon and i’d love it if the hype were real but i may have to go back to the mk1, which is kinda heartbreaking and a big waste of $$.

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The truth I try to with with the mark II, BUT till now did not success at all… I return it to the Box and do not think to use it nearlly at all… I think its a good and easy to use…!!