Dust under Mark II glass

Is anyone else noticing this?

I do see very little dust in my device but nowhere near as much as what’s visible in yours.

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I can’t see any dust here Jim

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Out of 6 Mark II’s the one in the pic is the worst. 3 others have comparatively minor dust intrusion. I keep the one in the pic on a table, so not picking up lint from a bag or anything. And, we live in the swamps of Florida, not the desert!

Hi @jim_selikoff,

That is unfortunate to see. Can you please contact the Structure Sensor Support Team via the Support Page? (Click “Contact Us” at the bottom) I’ve informed them you’re likely to reach out, and should be able to assist with this issue.

Thank you,
​John Marc
​Developer Experience Specialist

Thanks. I’ll try and get pics and S/N for all the sensors showing this tomorrow.

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