Enhancing the accuracy/resolution of the face scanned data



I would like to know if there is any other apps or softwares that can captured more detailed face feature? I’m doing a school project to print out a facemask. I’ve already tried scan app and itzsee 3D app. In comparison between the two apps , itzsee 3D has better high resolution and captured the face feature rather detailed than scan app but sadly need to pay when it’s being export. If there is any other way to enhance the facial feature even more in the scanning without paying please let me know or any tips on the scan app to enhance the accuracy even more will be great.

Thank you


Although itSees3D is an excellent app, there are other apps on the market.

You can find every app available for the Structure Sensor by, first, plugging in your Structure Sensor into your iOS device, and then going to Settings > General > About > Structure Sensor. Once there, you’ll find a button that will forward you to the Apple App Store.



Contact Itseez3D’s Support Team and tell them about your school project - as long as you don’t make money on the models made with Itseez3d, you should receive the exports for free. Send a request to support@itseez3d.com and ask for a non-commercial discount.