enumerateConnectedSensors not working !


I am using the new structure core from the Occipital, with the cross-platform SDK. I am using Structure Core on Ubuntu 16.04 (Linux), with C++.
I tried using the enumerateConnectedSensors function.

/** @brief Return all connected Structure Core devices and the number of connected Structure Cores (Max number is up to 10). Unavailable on Android. /
ST_API bool enumerateConnectedSensors(const ConnectedSensorInfo
sensors[], int* numDevices);

My code is as follows:

int *num_devices;
*num_devices = 1;

const ST::ConnectedSensorInfo** sensors;

bool status = ST::enumerateConnectedSensors(sensors, num_devices);

std::cout << status << std::endl;

std::cout << *num_devices << std::endl;

My output is as follows:

ERROR: The passing container is null or empty and will return directly



Please help me with this problem.