Extract data from .occ files


Hello everyone,

I want to know if it is possible to extract raw data from .occ files recorded with the recorder app of the SDK? Or do we have to insert code into the function “static void handleSessionOutput” of recorder.cpp to extract the data in real-time during streaming?

By raw data I mean visible image, depth image and infrared image in png as well as depth map (16 bit with depth in millimeters) and 3D point cloud (.ply or xyz).

Thanks a lot for your help ! :slight_smile:


You can do so by configuring the ST::CaptureSession class to read the OCC file you’d like directly.

When you call startMonitoring() you’ll be able to set which OCC file you’d specifically like to read. With startSteaming() you can start reading the raw visible image, depth image, and infrared data.

This data isn’t directly in PNG file formats, but you could do that conversion yourself.

You can see the simplest form of receiving this data directly from the Structure Core within the Linux sample SimpleStreamer.cpp.


Thanks, I will check that !