Facing issue while integratin Structure SDK in to IOS


We are going to use SDK in our code it will produce errors as below

Here we get the multiple error when add the library file in to the code
#import “ViewController.h”

After importing this line we get the multiple error

But we downloaded from Structure io library demo is perfectly working.

Can you please suggest us how to implement it so that it’s working perfectly in our code.

Below is the development platform information:

Platform : Objective C

Xcode : 9.2


It really depends upon on a lot of variables, but you might try changing your *.m files to *.mm that import that header


Here is a video of me correctly linking the Structure Framework to an example project: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y8vna0mwn8lg9po/Adding%20Structure%20Framework.mp4?dl=0



Could you provide more details for @n6xej? He is an excellent developer who has worked on many applications made for the Structure Sensor.

Could you also post the video you sent over to me, @jack1?

To be clear, it seems like you are using the wrong compiler to compile your code. Without seeing, it seems like you are using the C99 compiler instead of the default compiler.

Also, as @n6xej stated, you should change all of your .m files to .mm just in case.