Finding a developer

I have used the Strucutre Scanner for several years to body scanning for foot / leg / arm orthotics. I have several different apps - ,

I want to have some built with the basic core functionality to take a scan of a body part - foot / leg or arm. There are many apps out there with this functionality, so do not think it will be to difficult.

Can anyone point me in the direction of developers who could help with this?

@n6xej (Chris Worley) has done a bunch of O&P apps. TechMed3D will also “skin” their core app to your specification, but be aware that their processing is cloud based which may or may not be an issue for your application.

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Jim Selikoff

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Thanks Jim.
Yes I know you the TechMed3d application can be re-skinned - however I leaning more towards developing an application due to the reason you started plus taking into account ongoing costs, control & integration.

Will wait to hear from Chris.

Appreciate your reply.

I would be interested in using this app as well! I am an orthotist looking to take chest measurements and monitor our Pectus Carinatum & Excavatum patients with the structure scanner (but 10$ a scan is a little much for our budget)