Floor Plan Creator


I work in the flooring industry and would love some software that allows me to scan a room and get the floorplan. I would then like to be able to connect the rooms or use them individually. While I know there are cell phone apps out there that do this, most really kind of suck.


Have you taken a look at Occipital’s Canvas Application? The Canvas Application is almost exactly what you have described and was designed for the iPad.

Why don’t you take a look and let me know what you think? https://canvas.io/


No, I am specifically looking for simple floor plans that are quick and easy to build. I work in the flooring industry and don’t need the 3D aspect that Canvas offers. Also, I build quotes on the spot so I need it to be instant. There are other features I’d like to see as well. check out https://www.magic-plan.com/


You could also take a look at our stand-alone application, TapMeasure, that can create fast 2D floor plans using Apple’s ARKit.: https://tapmeasure.io/


Is that as reliable as the Structure sensor?


I would really love to chat with a developer that is familiar with your software. Do you guys have a list available?


We have not yet made a direct comparison between our TapMeasure Application and Canvas, because they both designed for different purposes.

As for chatting with a 3rd party developer who could possibly develop an application specific to your liking with the Structure Sensor, I can certainly get you in touch with a couple of people.

Please fill out this form and one of our developer program managers will be in touch.


Is this to get me in contact with an independent developer that knows and understands your software or to get me in contact with someone within the company? I am trying wanting to develop something that would work great with the structure system but not open source it.


This will get you in touch with 3rd party developers that can help you realize your vision of an application for the Structure Sensor by having in depth knowledge of our Structure SDK.

If you’d like to talk to someone from Occipital who is knowledgable about the Structure SDK, you can send me a DM directly and I can answer any questions you may have.

I would, first, recommend that you take a look at what can be done with our Structure SDK, found here: https://structure.io/developers

Downloading it and playing around with some of the samples maybe helpful for you, as well.


I would also recommend that you take a look at the following support article specifically about 2d-floor plans with Canvas: https://support.canvas.io/article/32-i-just-need-a-2d-floor-plan-do-you-produce-floor-plans