Focus On Bridge Headset for Eye Adjustment variations


I am having trouble focusing the eyepieces on my Bridge headset. What is the correct way to adjust eyepieces for the slightly non20-20 viewer? I have calibrated and adjusted all other ways recommended.


I’d also be interested in the answer to this question


Thank you for responding to my post. It seems that everybody (besides me and you) are the only ones without 20-20 vision or else they just wear glasses(?) when using the Bridge headset or maybe contacts. I just find it incredible that the eyepieces with the headset are not really adjustable focus which would make it an easy fix.


Hey @wayson and @crewmark,

Any Bridge Headset that is not an Explorer Edition comes with three pairs of lens spacer. One pair of lens spacers are set within the Bridge Headset when it arrives, but the headset box should have included 2 more sets of spacers: one smaller (32 mm) and one larger (36 mm) set.

To swap the original spacers with a new set of lens spacers, please grab the lens and lens spacer from the inside of the Bridge Headset and twist slightly to the right.

Once the lens and spacer are out, you can separate the lens from the spacer by pulling them apart by the rubber gasket near the lens.

To replace, just reverse the above steps.

I suggest that you try all three spacers to see which one works the best for your eyes.

Also, please make sure that you are removing the plastic lens protection covers from both the front and the back of both lenses in the headset.


Hello Anthony: Thank you for the explanation regarding my focusing question. I am not sure what the “Explorer Edition” is since I was an early adopter of the Bridge headset and I don’t think there was a separate model as you mention. That being the case, fortunately, I have saved my original box and all contents and will check to see if it contains any of the items you mention. If not, is there an option by Occipital to purchase them as accessories?\

It is surprising to me that no one on the forum mentioned the attachments or questioned the ability to focus the headset for over a month since I posted.


The Explorer Edition Bridge Headsets were the headsets that were sold to all of our early adapters.

Unfortunately, the Explorer Edition Bridge Headsets do not have the ability to switch out lenses and have a fixed lens design.

You can check to see if you have the Explorer Edition Bridge Headset either on the back of the box or on the left side strap.

We also do not sell these lens spacers separate from the Bridge Headset.


Thanks Anthony. I actually tried changing those spacers but without much luck. I’ll try again over the weekend… this problem actually has prevented me from doing anything with the headset so I hope I can get this worked out.


Here is a rough video of how to replace the lens spacers that I made today:


Success! Your information regarding the headset re: Explorer Edition and Bridge Headset clarified and allowed me to determine the model I have. Fortunately, the set I have did include the spacers and other attachments which were still in the box. I guess that while getting used to the headset and following the instructions there was no mention in the manual or online any of the requirements to install the spacers and I just never knew about them since I put the box away. Whatever the case, you video was great and I am now a happy camper who can view in comfort! Have a great day!


Great to hear it! Please do let us know if you need any more assistance!


I’ve been hung up with health issues the last few months (the doc wanted to amputate a leg)but I managed to stop that problem but mending protocols were pretty harsh! Anyway, thanks for the help and will hope I can get back on track for this 77 year old!