From MarkI to Mark II

Hello, after I upgraded from Mark generation 1 to the second generation, the app could not be connected to the hardware.
Now I am using the SDK of 2016. I have updated the SDK of version 0.11, but I still cannot connect to the hardware of MarkII.
Can you give me some advice?

IOS: Ipad pro 9.7
App: it’s ok on Mark1. but can’t connect the MarkII.
SDK: 0.11(newest version)

I’m not sure if this will help but I had similar issues when I began testing with the Mark 2. Have you tried connecting the device with different connector cables if you have more than one? I believe the cables intended to be used for the Mark 2 may be different.

I Will try tomorrow.
did you resolve the issue by replace the line?

But I think it is not the line led to the issue.
I try another app published by DEMO Project from SDK. it can be connected and run ok.
thanks for your replying all the same.

Did you have another advise?

No problem. But yes, using the correct cable fixed the issue for me, however it seems you may be having a different issue from what I experienced. Unfortunately, other than that I don’t really have any other helpful tips.

Thanks for your answer all the same.
I’ve made sure it’s not the cables caused.
Now I have MarkI, MarkII, and Core Hardware. I’m trying to upgrade MarkI to MarkII and trying to do the same with Core.If you have any other Suggestions, please feel free to let me know.

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