Get Ready for NEODiVR and NEODiVR "Value Edition"


If you have been keeping up with the Occipital release of Unbounded Tracker in SDK 0.5 , it will soon be available with stereo imaging for the use with the iPhone 6 or 6+. If you have not seen my video, go here:

I call it “Environment Awareness” but it literally provides that missing piece in VR immersion and that is actually moving around in it. If you saw my video, you can tell that I felt I was part of the VR world. I could walk, crouch, even get on get on my knees and move my face to the VR floor. I was able to walk around objects and bend down to see what was inside a cabinet. It is the most immersive experience I have ever had, and I have big plans for it as soon Jeff provides me a build I can work with.

Be ready for it yourself with either the NEODiVR/HOMiDO conversion kit, or the NEODiVR “Value Edition”

NEODiVR upgrade to the HOMiDO VR headset for the iPhone 6 that will include a new face plate to allow you to use your NEODiMOUNT case. You will either be able to purchase just the face plate kit or a modified HOMiDO headset. HOMiDO is well designed and finely crafted lightweight headset from France. Pricing is very reasonable and most important the best headset I have used in the less than $200 category. Pricing will be determined next week after final testing and production cost analysis, but it will still be substantially less than a GearVR headset.

The NEODiVR “Value Edition” is the brand new VR compact & foldable Go4D C1-Glass. A lightweight plastic design that you can easily slip into your shirt pocket and use with NEODiMOUNT case or with any smartphone, including Google cardboard compatibility.

NEODiVR “Value Edition” = $19.50

July 4th Weekend Promotion – NEODiMOUNT(+) + NEODiVR “Value Edition” = $54.95

Will be added to the “stores” Wednesday, 12:01 a.m. PST.