Get RGB Frames as I am scanning using Skanect Pro



I am new when it comes to 3D scanning using the Structure Sensor. I currently want to get the rgb frames as I am scanning (using Skanect). Also at the end the camera path is shown. I would like to extract that aswell - (I assume it will come in a matrix format for each frame ?).

I am using an iPad A1474 - Which they mention you get “limited functionality”. I read that if I use the calibration app to calibrate the sensor I might be able to get the rgb frames ? I already did and I still dont get them.

What I get in my “Scans” folder is something like this:


So I do get an RGB image but that is for certain keyframes only ?

Also how can I use files such as “depth16bits.lzf” or “rgb_pose.avs” ?
Last question what exactly is the “calibration.yml” file ? The extrinsics and rotation and translation values seem to be the same for all frames… Shouldn’t this change ?



You can get the RGB frames from the folder where the scan is being saved on the computer running Skanect. The scans should be saved into a folder named Scans. Scans > [specific scan you’d like to look at] > images.

We don’t allow you to use “depth16bits.lzf” or “rgb_pose.avs” ?

The calibration.yml” is the calibration collected from the Calibrator App. We do not publically release how we achieve our calibration, however.