Getting started with Structure Sensor on Windows


Hello Everyone, I have recently started to use the Structure sensor by using Xcode. Thanks to the demo it was relatively easy to getting started, check the code and eventually make modifications. Recently we have decided to use a different environment and develop an application for our purpose on a Windows based tablet. Can anyone give me any advice about how to start with that? Is there any demo application that I can run for example on Visual Studio with C#, similar to examples for Xcode? I’ve found information about modifications required to run on Windows but only executables files, not source code.
Thanks for your help.


Hey Emanuel,

Development at Occipital is focused on the iOS platform exclusively, therefore the Structure SDK is purposely designed to be used when developing iOS applications. Therefore, we do not have any examples for you to run with Visual Studio and C#.

My recommendation would be to look into both OpenCV and OpenNI 2, which can give you some functionality with the Structure Sensor while plugged into your computer via our USB Hacker Cable.