google vr will not build


i’m on unity 5.6.0f3 and i’m having massive problems trying to add the google cardboard as a virtual reality option to get stereo out - i can build the mixed reality examples but not with cardboard - it builds the xcode project OK - but when i build for the iphone 6s (ios 10.31) i always get a linker command error with exit code 1. i know i’m not the only one - tried a few of other peoples workarounds but to know avail. anyone else got round this?


Hi leolodreamland,

We’ll definitely look into it! Can you post the full log so we can review?


boing.pdf (569.2 KB)



Code signing issues can be incredibly frustrating.

I suggest checking the “Identity” and “Signing” sections in the build settings.

You have successfully deployed apps before, right? If so, we can make assumptions about your practices.

You aren’t getting a specific error other than ‘Code signing is required’, right?

Feel free to DM me to try and resolve this issue

# include good luck



There have been some issues with GoogleVRForUnity and Unity v5.6.0
beta, so please refrain from using this release until GoogleVR native integration is stabilized. The Bridge engine is known to be compatible with Unity versions 5.5.0f3.

You can find a downloadable version of Unity 5.5.0f3 here:


Thanks for this but the job got pulled the day after this post. I think the
artist I was working with will be sending you the bridge back as well. I
for one might try this again at a later stage as the structure sensor was
mine but I will be needing some reassurance that shit works before I try
and make a piece for a client using it.


you do know unity 5.6 has been out of beta since the end of march, right? the date you were meant to have everything ready to go with the shipping of the bridge? i find this pretty sloppy to be honest.


We are working on this issue. However, the issue is rather subtle. As late as v5.6, beta 11, the stereo issue was not exposed. However, as early as 5.6.0f1 there were linking errors emerging on the horizon. While we address the changing landscape of compatibility issues, we can only ask for your understanding and in return offer our support. As of this writing we still recommend Unity 5.5.0f3 unless there are specific technical issues preventing this option from being a viable build.

We will keep you up to date with updates in the coming weeks.