Guide to setting up a Swift project


Yes, this is indeed the case. Unfortunately as I noted above, I don’t seem to be able to edit the original post, but thanks for pointing it out.


No, not any more. I think, I eventually I did a clean build the problem disappeared.

But thanks for following up. :slight_smile:


Seems you are an expert. Any idea why I’m receiving an error ‘structure framework requires the c++ runtime’, Not in your code downloaded from Github, but when I tried to do whole installation process manually. I couldn’t be able to get rid of it yet.



As mentioned in the SDK Reference, one way to link the C++ runtime is to append -lc++ to Xcode’s other linker flags and define HAS_LIBCXX before #importing the framework headers. This is what @agnomen did in his StructureViewerSwift project.




I’ve created a project in Obj-C, But as you said -lc++ worked for me to get rid of this error. Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,

Have anyone build the Room Capture App in Swift?
Any sample code or help will be appreciated.