Hand tracking with Bridge Engine?


Hey guys,

I see that Bridge Engine does a killer job of localization using SLAM, but can it also be used for hand tracking, a la Leap Motion?

My use case is a VR teleconferencing for counseling and I’m exploring the possibility of basing it on Structure Sensor & Bridge Engine.



Bridge Engine Beta does not include support for hand tracking - though there’s room for exploration with our Bridge Engine codebase and integrating a skeletal- or hand-tracking library.



Hi Mark

So can I confirm, it is possible to use structure sensor for hand tracking like the leap motion?

This is something that I would like to be able to use the structure sensor for? Is anyone currently working on a hand-tracking library?




Hey @thenakedphysio,

You could possibly get hand tracking to work if you import/use a library that specifically is for hand-tracking or skeletal tracking, but the Bridge Engine alone does not include hand tracking.



Thanks for the reply Anthony.

I don’t suppose you might know where I might access a hand library for unity that I could convert in Xcode?

Thank you




Though not off hand, I did find the following pages from Google:


Please note that I have not worked with any of those specifically, so take these with a grain of salt.