How long it takes to charge Structure Sensor (Mark II) fully


We got the Structure Sensor Mark II yesterday. After a couple of minutes, the flash blue light becomes solid blue light. I thought it is recharged.
After only one or two captures with iPad mini 4, it becomes very unstable.
Today, I charged it for two hours, it behaves similarly.
I uses the UnboundedTracker to debug it and found out the sensorBatteryLevel is 0.

Any suggests to charge the Mark II sensor will be appreciated.



I also had a Similar experience with charging, the flashing blue light became solid blue after a few minutes. The Instructions indicate solid blue light means that the charging is complete… but only after a few minutes of use it was obvious that this was not true and the Mark II need longer time on the charger.


I guess the sensor is precharged, it doesn’t take time to become solid blue. I used UnboundTracker sample to check battery level, but at beginning of initialization, battery is reported as 0, after a couple of second, other reason causes the UnboundTracker app crash, I though these two are related.

Now battery level is printed when “Scan” button is clicked in the scanner app; it shows battery level 90%.
You can check also to see if your problem is due to the same reason