How to get height of object


I have an object ( an example is people), I’m scanner object and how to get the height of object?


That really depends on which application you are using.

My suggestion, which will work for many apps, is to export the files created by the scanner and the Structure Sensor onto a computer where you can import those files into a 3D graphics program capable of making measurements.

We suggest the following 3D graphics programs, but you’ll have to check with them to see if they can handle to measurements you need: Blender, MeshLab, SketchUp.


What @anthony.monaco said, or if you need to implement in your program, search for papers on principal component analysis.


thank @anthony.monaco, but I want to implement it in my code, I want to get the height of an object but I don’t know to do that in my code


@jim_selikoff you can suggest for me about the topic involve to it



thank @jim_selikoff very much