How to get real dimensions from *.OBJ in to Autodesk Inventor?



I’m working with the I/O structure sensor, and trying to do design work based on 3D model captured by the scanner. I’m doing all my design work in Autodesk Inventor, but when i’m opening the *.Obj file directly in Inventor, there are almost no reference points in the 3D model, and the dimensions seems to be like 1/10000 of the original.

So, I need to import OBJ (or other file format i.e.g. stp, stl etc.) into inventor without having to scale it in Blender og Autodesk Remake first. Does anybody have an idea how to do this? Can i convert it in another program before importing it to Inventor?

Now I am using Autodesk Remake for scaling and processing before importing to Inventor, but this is not a very good method.

Sorry for my bad english! I would really appreciate som help here…! :slight_smile:


The units in the .obj are meters. You should be able to set the import units to match.

  • Jim


When importing to Inventor, in the Import CAD window when selecting your file, there will be a button that says “Option” Click that and it should bring up a menu in which you can change the import units.