how to use Scanner-lowlevel sample with Mark II sensor

How to configure/modify sample code to scan the object at close range?
With old sensor, the minimum measurement distance I can get is about 40cm.
But for Mark II sensor, the minimum measurement distance is about 60cm.
Anybody has luck with Scanner-lowlevel sample with Mark II sensor?

The Default preset of Mark II has a minimal focal range of ~57 cm. Ideally, if you need the closer range, you would need to use the STStreamPresetCloseRange preset.

Please note, however, we strongly recommend moving away from the STSensorController paradigm and to STCaptureSession. We plan on deprecating STSensorController in the future.

Hi, @miles

I added STStreamPresetCloseRange
in the following function
optionsAreValid = [_sensorController startStreamingWithOptions:
@{kSTStreamConfigKey : @(_structureStreamConfig), kSTFrameSyncEnabledKey: @true, kSTDepthStreamPresetKey: @(STStreamPresetCloseRange)

but the minimum measurement distance doesn’t change, it is still about 60cm
What else setting I need change to make it work, such as kSTInfraredSensorManualGainKey?


@buyer this is because you cannot adjust the IR exposure and gain in STSensorController. Those adjustments are only available in the STCaptureSession paradigm, so the presets won’t change anything.