Human scanning app for Avatars



Does anyone know an app for iPhone to scan human faces for avatars? We need the mesh + texture from the chest upwards to use them as avatars in a AR/VR application.

I am aware of itSeez3D but it is only available for iPad.

We would also be happy to talk to a freelancer about developing one if none exist.




Did you try Scanner from Occipital?


Yeah, the texture generation is quite bad for scanning people…

It doesn’t use one image for the face and therefore the face always has visible seams.


If your problems are related to the seams, you can try to modify the scanner app changing an option responsible for the texture generation.

  • Download the last structure sdk.
  • Go to samples and open scan project.
  • In line 63 of ViewController.h set “prioritizeFirstFrameColor” to false
  • Build and run

It should avoid the seams you describe.



The Scanner Sample App is a sample app designed to show off what can be done with the Structure SDK. It, thusly, lacks certain features that would make it a full-fledged app.

You can find all apps available for the Structure Sensor by doing the following:
Connect the Structure Sensor to your supported iPad or iPhone
Navigate to Settings -> General -> About -> Structure Sensor -> Find App for Accessory
This will open the App Store, and display all apps available for the Structure Sensor and your mobile device.


Thanks but I’ve checked out all apps and they are mostly medical and none that are fit for our purpose…

Hence the reason for this post.


Have you seen Occipital’s Skanect Application for PC and Mac computers:


Yes… I don’t want to always carry my computer with me plus I’ve found that the tracking is not very reliable (go back to last position often appears every 10 seconds).


Okay, then it seems like you might want to look into developing an application that is specific to your use-case.

I’ve sent you a DM just now that includes some more information about connecting you with a developer who could, potentially, design an application for your specific use-case.

You can find out more information about our Structure SDK, please look here:


I am finding that the scan apps I have tried so far (free Skanect, Occipital Scanner) create images that are only 1" high, and lose all definition at 12" Is Skanect Pro or anything else able to scan a human and do a 12" print with any degree of detail?


The free version of Skanect only allows 5000 polygons to be exported. I do believe the Skanect Pro version would be better for you, but, to make sure, could you please post a screenshot of a scan you have taken with Skanect while it is being displayed in Skanect?



I cannot get a .skn to load using Skanect.
I have done the scans with the Low feedback quality and I have a Blender import which shows 4,995 faces.


Thanks for the additional information.

It seems that this is your issue.

Once you upgrade to Skanect Pro, you will not have such a restriction. Check out this example:


I have no problem investing in Skanect Pro or even getting a better laptop with the compliant video cards, or bringing all my photography lighting to bear - or anything else - I really jist need to know that I can make investments with a certain payoff. I am sorry to be such a n00b, but I have the attention of several prominent sculptors and any investment you make in making me smarter will probably advance the ball!


Well, I am not really too sure what your certain payoff is, but I can direct you to sample scans made with the Structure Sensor like the one above:


You can find out more information about Skanect and the Structure Sensor on the following pages:


I am totally a believer in this tech. This is where we are heading. I am prepared to be a huge cheerleader. This is art. But nowhere have I seen a tag on any of the scans what hardware, software, processing power, or print outcomes came from these renderings.


Not all of the scans are tagged in this manner. For more information about the PC requirements of Skanect on the following page:

The sample scans seen above were all taken with the Structure Sensor (hardware) and Skanect (Software).

We don’t focus on 3D printing, but the quality of a print is largely based on the quality of the printer.


Thank you for your help. I am talking with printing people now and trying to get smart about them. The potential for your product to revolutionize many fields is IMMENSE.