I have Iphone 7 how can I use it


I have Iphone 7 how can I use it


I have the same question… is it possible to use structure sensor with iphone 7 and 7 plus?



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It depends on what apps you want to use. Some but not all apps will work with the iPhone 7/7 +.

We just recently released an update to Calibrator to support the iPhone 7/7+ but in order to Calibrate you will need an way to attach your sensor to your phone. While we do not have any recommended cases at this time you can develop your own using the [Starter CAD] (http://io.structure.assets.s3.amazonaws.com/Structure%20Sensor%20Starter%20CAD.zip) found on our developer page. Once you have the case you will also need to know the X, Y and Z coordinates of the iPhone camera in relation to the sensor lens for correct alignment.

If you do not care about capturing color you should still be able to use apps such as Scanner to capture depth data.

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Starter CAD link does not work and on developer page I do not see this topic.


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I was able to download the Starter CAD files correctly from the above link. If you are unable to do so, please check the developer page here: https://structure.io/developers

You can find the CAD files to download near the bottom in the middle of the page where it says, “Create Your Own Attachments”.


I have a case from shapeway for iphone6 but I want to use it with an iPhone 7F8CAF9E6-EBDA-4C28-B99B-BE2F8B46667B
What xyz coordinates will be write in the calibrator app ?


Although we do not manufacture that case, I can tell you that it will not fit on your iPhone 7, as it was designed for the iPhone 6. Using it with the iPhone 7 will also throw off the x,y and z measurements and the camera location on the iPhone 7 is not the same as the iPhone 6.


Sorry but this case fit the iPhone 7 I just open the hole for the camera which is not at the same place. So I ask if it’s possible to have the new coordinate xyz. But if you can’t, could you give me the measurements xyz for iphone6 of this case that I bought from your site on shapeway.
I want to modify this case to try make structure sensor working with my iPhone 7.
Occipital say that calibrator work now with iphone7.


The x, y, and z coordinates depend on the camera location, as well as the structure sensor location. Since you are using a case that has been or will be modified, you will not be able to use the standard x, y, and z measurements from the original case. You can, however, measure these yourself using the following page for reference:



Thank you for the information
For this case I find approximately
x= 30,95
I will test it soon