I'm a Super Noobie, where do I start?


Hello, our VDC team purchased a Structure Bridge Sensor headset for research and development. I have been tasked with developing a prototype for mixed reality application on construction sites. I’ve poked through the forum and have concluded that this stuff is over my head. I have developed simple 3D environments in Unity but am not sure where to start with the SDK. Are these forums an appropriate location for Super Noobie questions such as:

1.Ok, I’ve download and extracted the SDK. Now what?
2.How do I launch “ViewController.mm”?
3. What’s a *.MM file anyway?
4. Do I need OpenNI and all its dependencies if I’m developing in Xcode? in Unity?

I have at least a dozen more simple questions like this…I’d love to RTFM, just can’t seem to find it:slight_smile:



It seems that you downloaded and installed the Structure SDK, but you said you wanted to develop for the Bridge Headset. We have a specific tool for developers to use when developing for the Bridge Headset, called the Bridge Engine. Please have the person who ordered the Bridge look for an email with the title, “Getting Started with Bridge”. In that email, we give you instruction on how to download the Bridge Engine. This will be essential to developing for the Bridge Headset and gives you samples to help you follow how the code is laid out.

If you are unable to locate that email, please DM me with the order number associated with your purchase and I can resend the email to you.

All of our development is focused on iOS which includes some Unity Plugins. If you’d like to start your research with the Structure SDK, I would recommend, first, looking into iOS development for Objective-C from one of the many tutorials found online and then look into the samples that are included with the SDK.

If you look in the Structure SDK folder, you will, also, find a Reference folder, and within that folder another folder named html. Within the html folder, you should find an index.html page that when opened into your browser will outline and detail the Structure SDK and its classes you have access to.

By the way, .MM is the file extension for Objective-C. You could also look into the Samples folder of the SDK to find more information about the Unity Plugins we have.

Also, you don’t “launch” a .MM file by itself, you launch a sample xcode project (.xcodeproj) found in the sample folder and then build the sample project onto an iOS device of your choosing. You will need an Apple Developer account to do this though.

These same suggestions go for the Bridge Engine and its samples.

You won’t need OpenNI if you are planning on using the Structure SDK or Bridge Engine to develop an app for an iOS device like you stated above.

Please let us know if you have any more questions, but I urge you to look into some iOS Objective-C tutorials first to help give you a better understanding of the computer language you will be working with.

Looking forward to hearing about your progress!


Thanks Anthony, that helps. I’ll start with Xcode tutorials then dig into the Bridge Engine.



Good luck man… I threw it all out of the window… if you are new to develop for iOS, than it will be hard my friend