Infrared emitter control via opennni


we are using multiple structure sensors for a biomedical application and we would like to avoid cross interferences between sensors due to infrared maps overlapping.
We tried to syncronize streaming with openni::start() and stop() methods but it is too slow (it takes around 1.5s to complete a full cycle for any scanner). So, my question is: is it possible to turn on/turn off structure sensors infrared emitter via openni library without stopping the streaming?



I have no idea if this actually works, but I’ve been told that vibrating the sensor with a small motor can be used to achieve this.

I think it would presume that it would have to be under closed loop control.

I googles it for you since i was curious, turns out it’s legit.


Cool stuffs! Unluckily this solution cannot be used in our setup, we need to find a way to turn on/off the IR emitter from software.