Intrinsic IR parameters

Hi everyone!

I’m new with structure sensor and i looking for documentation for know the intrinsic parameters but I didn’t found it yet.
Someone can tell me the intrisics camera matrix?

I sought in the forum and i found this post -> RGB camera intrinsics
but i don’t know if the coeff. are correct.

PS: I tryed to calibrate the IR camera but my results are slightly different (like: fx =583.337 fy =582.69 cx = 319.88 cy=249.0)

Thanks in advance!

EDIT: I’ve forgotten to write that I’m using a VGA resolution

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Hi @cvlab_unibo,

I’ve just checked coeff from the link - they are calculated for QVGA and you did it for VGA thus they should be different (two times approx).
You can try to run calibration several times and potentially you should get slightly different results but around same figures.



I’ve also calibrated the IR camera for VGA resolution, and I got this: fx =568.00, fy =567.91, cx = 319.52, cy=243.54.