Intrinsics for iOS devices and the Structure Sensor + Depth -> Point Cloud info


Consolidating information about IR and Color camera intrinsics discussed in various forum posts. Also linking to threads discussing calculation of point cloud data from depth frames.

Depth / Infrared Intrinsics for the Structure Sensor:
Focal Length in Pixels = 285.25 for QVGA, 570.5 VGA
Principal Point = (160, 120) for QVGA, (320, 240) for VGA
Distortion K1 = -0.024 (K2 = 0)

Color Intrinsics assuming VGA resolution:
iPad Air 1
Focal length in pixels = 582
Center = 320x240
K1, K1 Distortion = 0.124, -0.214

iPad Air 2
Focal length in pixels = 578
Center = 320x240
K1, K1 Distortion = 0.126, -0.236

For 2592x1936:
Multiply Focal length and Center by 4.05 to go from VGA to 2592x1936.

Forum threads on Point Cloud from Frames

@9gel’s awesome contribution:

Take an static image and then measuring the distance
How should you build a single Point Cloud dataset from multiple frames of depth data?
Retrieve / update calibration parameters with SDK
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Generating Point Cloud for analysis

Hi Jim

Is there a known set of Color Intrinsics for iPhone 6s.



Here you go:

iPhone 6s
Focal length in pixels = 540
Center = 320, 240
K1, K1 Distortion = 0.100, -0.172



Works like a charm. Thank you Jim


Hello @jim_selikoff, Do you have the focal length, aperture, and sensorAspectRatio for an early 2016 iPadPro’s rear camera? The model number is MLMV2ZP/A.

I have spent lots of time on the web looking for a clear anwser… Hopefully you can help me too :).


This could help you out with a couple of things, like focal length:


Basic camera information:


Hi @anthony.monaco, I found the aperture information with the above links. But, still missing are focal length and sensor aspect ratio.Maybe they mentioned in other terms??


Hi Paul,

Maybe ARCamera.intrinsics and ARCamera.cameraResolution could help?

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Hi, I wonder what is the intrinsic for structure core? is it the same?