Introduction: Mark Piszczor - Occipital's Developer Program Manager


Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! My name is Mark Piszczor, proud to be one of the newest members of the Occipital team. My role on the team is Developer Program Manager and I’ll be working on enhancing the experience of our developer community. My success will depend on the satisfaction of you, the community, so I assure you that your feedback is important to me. A few motivations of mine are the following:

  • To understand how you’re using the Structure Sensor and what you’d like to see with its capabilities.
  • To provide you with resources and information that you need to develop for and use the Structure Sensor
    and SDK.
  • To learn about barriers (and successes) you experience in developing and using your Structure Sensor, and how we can best get involved.

I’ve already reached out to a few of you for feedback and will continue to reach out on a regular basis throughout the year. If you’re open to me contacting you about your experience with the Structure SDK platform, please let me know. Rest assured, I’ll be working on a forum-wide survey to go out soon so that each of you have an opportunity to provide your feedback.

All of our outreach plans are still in-development, though this gives you an idea of where we’d like to keep things heading. 2016 is going to be an amazing year for Occipital and the Structure Sensor Community. We’re pleased to have such an active community to help us make it happen.

Mark Piszczor
Occipital, Inc
Developer Program Manager