iOS app crashes at launch when Structure Sensor is connected


Hi forum,

Our customers are having lots of issues where our app crashes due to the sensor being connected at launch.

As a current workaround, we ask our customers to open one of the demo apps by Occipital.
After that, our app no longer crashes at launch with the sensor plugged in.
Our devs reminded me there were similar issues with the launch of iOS 11, where lots of external accessories had issues, due to problems with the External Accessory framework.

We were wondering if any other iOS application developers have encountered this issue?

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I’ve been testing builds with the 0.10 SDK to do some testing and have noticed more frequent “Please connect…” messages but no crashes. An internal tester has reported an occasional crash during scanning that we’re trying to track down.


Thank you for your response.

We were able to get some crash logs of our customers and used the info in there to search the forum some more.

We found this post from last year which describes the exact issue we are facing.

It is also using the same SDK (v0.7), the reason for us using that SDK is that at the time it proved to be the only SDK working for us. There were issues with v0.8.
Since then we haven’t bothered using a newer SDK.

It is worrying that Occipital didn’t reply to that, as multiple users seem to have had that issue.
Has this been fixed in the next releases like v10 for the Structure Sensor MKII?


Hi Alex3,

Applications built on 0.10+ should not crash when the application is started with the sensor plugged in. If you do encounter this please email with the crash log and we’ll get to the bottom of it :slight_smile: