iOS connectivity


Some very basic questions: I received a Structure Core and plugged it in to various devices. With Mac and Windows machines the light goes on immediately when it’s plugged in. I have an Apple USB C to firewire data cable, and I plugged it in to an iPad and iPhone XS, and the light does not go on the Core, and the Structure app doesn’t recognize a device as being plugged in. Is it that the iOS devices are insufficiently powered for the Core, or is something else at play?

Thanks in advance :blush:


Structure Core was not designed to work with iOS devices as it lacks certain features like a battery.

Structure Core is built for embedded solutions such as robotics, AR/VR, and autonomous drones. Structure Core is designed with computer vision experts in mind who looking to unlock the raw potential of a sensor. The software development kit that is included with the Structure Core is focused on raw depth data.

While we have updated our 3D scanning software for Mac and PC computers, Skanect, to work with Structure Core, the sensor must be tethered to the computer running the software with a USB-C cable.