iOS11 and Bridge Beta 5 (6.1 -> white screen)


Hi guys, I can install the applications into the iPhone from Xcode and it all goes well, but none of the app is able to get visual informations on the screen when trying to scan… any other came across this issue?


oh beta 6 is out… s


You beat me to it! We were experiencing difficulties with the Bridge Engine on iOS 11, but have subsequently released a Bridge Engine Patch to allow for the use with the new OS.

Please let us know if you experience any difficulties with the new Bridge Engine 6.1


Wow… now the screen is white and nothing happens

P.S: iPhone 6s


Can you tell us what version of iOS you have running on the iPhone you are using with the Bridge Headset? Can you, also, explain a little bit more about the steps you take to see the white screen?


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