iPad 9.7 2018 compatibility



I am about to order a few of the new 9.7 iPads, which have the A10 processor and pencil support, for my school’s art department. I’m also getting some structure sensors! Can I expect any compatibility problems? Does the current bracket available still fit? etc?



With each announcement from Apple, we begin exploring how to make the Structure Sensor compatible with each of Apple’s newest iPad and iPhone models. However, we are unable to complete the testing process or give concrete answers on product compatibility until we have the newest model in our hands for testing.

The full process usually takes a few months after the product is physically released for purchase.

Our community forum is the best place to find any announcements regarding new product availability. (Please note: The forum is read-only until you receive an invitation to post and comment after you purchase a Structure Sensor).

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


So to be clear, since the new 2018 iPad (6th Generation) was just released a few weeks ago, we have not yet had the time to update the required applications and to manufacture specific brackets for that iPad.


Adding to this:

Actually, the iPad 6th Generation works great with our Calibrator app and general Structure Sensor apps, even as of last week. The Calibrator appwould display a warning, but actually it worked fine since the 6th Generation iPad and the 5th Generation iPad are very similar.

If you’re interested to use this new iPad, just purchase the bracket for the 5th Generation iPad, and you will be good to go. And as of today, the Calibrator app is updated and won’t show a compatibility warning anymore (Even though it worked fine previously)


Whatever if lime me i just purchased a wide area with the frame for thé iPad 6th gen. No chekered bobard stil available?


I’m not sure I follow your question, but the 6th Generation iPad is fully supported now. You can calibrate with, and without, the Wide Vision Lens. Just make sure the Calibrator app detects your lens properly.


Hi Jeff, sorry but m’y keyboard keeps changing orthograph and Words to french caracter making weard phrases.

Thé wide vision Lens is detected but Calibrator keeps asking for thé chekered bobard not be found anyware.

Envoyé de mon iPad


Hey, @jipilabont, I am Anthony, Occipital’s Customer and Developer Support Specialist.

I can certainly help you get your iPad 6th Generation calibrated while using the Wide Vision Lens.

It seems you are having difficulty locating the checkerboard pattern needed for calibration. You can easily download that here: https://s3.amazonaws.com/io.structure.assets/calibrator-checkerboard.pdf

We recommend that you print that image out and stick it on a wall somewhere where there is ample artificial light. This will help make it easier for you to calibrate, as, sometimes, computer screens can be too glossy for the checkerboard pattern to be easily picked up by the iPad and Structure Sensor.

After you have this checkerboard pattern setup, you can launch the Structure Sensor Calibrator application.

We have created a great tutorial video to teach our customers the correct calibration process. You can take a look at that video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihfl7HJYhrk

After you have succesfully calibrate your Structure Sensor with the Wide Vision Lens on, we recommend that you also calibrate your sensor again with the Wide Vision Lens removed.

Hope this information helps!


Would it be possible to request newly compiled versions of the Scanner app and the sorts. I know the Calibrator app is up to date now. the Scanner app is based off of 0.6.2 according to the Apple notes., maybe a newer compiled structure app that supports faster color.jpg file grabs when using skanect?

and and would it be worthwhile to replace my Air2 with the 2018 9.7inch ipad model. for that?


You can download the code to the newest versions our sample apps from our developer portal.

You can gain access to our developer portal from the following link: https://structure.io/developers

Once you have them downloaded, you can use Xcode to deploy them yourself.

For more information, have a look here:


I do not own a mac computer. Can this be done from ipad or windows 10?


Unfortunately, Xcode is only available for Mac computers.

The sample applications, like Scanner and Room capture, were designed to show off what can be done with the Structure SDK.

I would recommend that you take a look at some of the other applications that are available for the Structure Sensor.

You can find all apps available for the Structure Sensor by doing the following:

  • Connect the Structure Sensor to your supported iPad or iPhone
  • Navigate to Settings -> General -> About -> Structure Sensor -> Find App for Accessory
  • This will open the App Store, and display all apps available for the Structure Sensor and your mobile device.

By the way, your iPad Air 2 is still a fully supported iPad, so there is no need to update it just yet.


yes, i just assumed that since the calibrator app was updated , and the newest sdk supports turntable, it would be nice to have it updated as well to assist with the sales of the structurio devices. its nice to use skanect, but sometimes that luxury is not available. i also read that it would keep the bounding box from jumping around quite a bit. I have a hacker cable and would like to use the structureio on my samsung 8+, but i havent gotten around to figureing out how to go about doing that either.


I bought an 6th generation and think it works fine… calibration wise but i did by a 32 get and when I tried to scan a large room with furniture it ran out of memory.