iPad Air (1st) with new bayonet bracket


Does anyone could provide a stl file for printing the new bracket with bayonet for the old iPad air?


Before you go into designing and printing a bracket for your iPad, I would like to mention that the iPad Air model does not support the use of the Wide Vision Lens due to the age of the device and its processing power.

For reference, we do offer a downloadable CAD file of our bracket design for you to change however you’d like.

Please go to the following page where it says, “Create Your Own Attachments”, to download the CAD file: https://structure.io/developers

Please let us know if this helps!


Hi…unfortunately the CAD files does not contains the bracket for the Wide Vision Lens.
I could create it by my own, but it´s a kind of tricky and an official file would be helpfully. Could you help me out?


Unfortunately, the CAD files that you have are the only CAD files we offer to our customers to be able to create their own brackets.


Alright. Is there a much better quality with the wide lens, or is the difference to the standard lens not so big?
I´m thinking about to order the bracket…but with shipping costs, the bracket costs nearly $100(!). Thats pretty much for a bracket.


It really depends on what you are using the Structure Sensor for. The Wide Vision Lens only works with the Calibrator App and the Canvas App. If you aren’t looking to scan room and houses, I do not think you’ll get much utility out of the Wide Vision Lens right now. Hope this information helps!