iPad Air refresh


It will be interesting to see what effect the changes in the new iPad Air have on the Calibrator app, color stream processing, and the bracket. The camera is supposed to bump up to 8mp from 5mp. The processor is reported to be an A8. And the screen is purported to be 0.5mm thinner.


+1, I’ll be jumping on this new iPad to use for scanning. I hope a bracket for the new models will come out quickly after the announcement :smile:


If the reports are true, nothing much has changed except for the thickness so we might be in luck on the bracket.


So you mean, use the current iPad air bracket but stick a wedge/padding to keep the fit tight? Aye that’s a good idea.


Yes, and we’re only talking about .5mm, so not much of a shim…

Nice to see some activity here for a change. What’s your application for the tech?



I do a lot of interior design previz, so being able to quickly scan furniture and interior features will be my goal. Either to use as is or as volume reference for a cleaner 3d model by hand.

It’s also fun to scan people and throw them into interior renderings :smile:


That sounds like a perfect application. Would love to see some examples when available.



Well well, iPad Air 2 will be out next week. And it looks like the specs on the camera are much improved. Should be interesting to try with the Structure sensor!


Really looking forward to this, been limited to my IP5 while I wait. Do we know if the Bracket will still work?


I haven’t had a chance to look at the details, but here’s the case design guide showing old and new iPad Air layouts.



Just received the shipping notice for iPad Air 2. Curious if anyone at Occipital or in the community has gotten their hands on one and tried using the original bracket?


Just received my iPad Air 2. The sensor bracket for iPad Air (the previous one), fits to some degree. It looks like the camera placement is now closer to the edge of the device, requiring you to shimmy the bracket up so it’s not flush with the edge of the iPad. This also makes it so that the power button can’t be pressed. Otherwise it’s not completely loose… Not a great solution but I think it’ll work for me temporarily!

The Calibrator app also needs to be updated, since it doesn’t recognize the new device. Can’t wait for the update :smile:


Thanks for letting us know!


Here are a few pictures, showing that if you keep the bracket shifted up, the camera can stay within the hole. Downside is you’ll probably need to re-calibrate every time you put the bracket on since it’s a bit of eyeballing to center the camera. The the bracket seems snug enough to be used. I wouldn’t throw it around, but it seems to hold up alright.

I couldn’t calibrate this morning because there wasn’t enough sunlight… will try and run more tests as soon as I can.


Wow! So, you were able to get Calibrator to run it sounds like?


I haven’t made a successful calibration yet, it was too dark in the morning to setup. There’s a prompt when the app launches saying that the device isn’t recognized, but it seems to then allow you to go through the motions for calibration when the scanner is plugged in. Although it warns that they might not be super accurate.


Cool. Sounds like you will have all the kinks worked out so when my iPad Air arrives Monday we’ll be good to go!



In case anyone missed the announcement concerning the iPad Air 2 bracket:



Has anyone confirmed that the iPad Air 2 is inaccurate with the sensor while using an iPad Air bracket? I also have to do calibration every time I put on the bracket, which isn’t always practical since you need sunlight to calibrate. Anyhow, I’m using the canvas app in my apartment while scanning my rooms and I keep getting scans with larger margins of error than I expect (around 5% error).

I’m using an iPad Air 2
Structure sensor
And the iPad Air bracket



Larry, you should use an iPad Air 2 bracket with an iPad Air 2! The Calibrator app automatically detects your iPad model and makes assumptions about this kind of thing. That’s why you’re seeing inaccuracies.

support@structure.io would love to try and help you fix this, if you’re still having problems.

The Occipital Team