Ipad doesn't recognize sensor


Just received my MarkII and was able to calibrate on my Ipad 5 but no other apps, including the Occipital ones, recognize the sensor. I’ve deleted and reinstalled all the apps from the original Structure but the Scanner app tells me it’s waiting for the sensor and Itseez3d can’t find it. It seems to work on my Iphone 10xr but don’t have a bracket to properly calibrate (stl anyone?) I know Skanect support won’t be available til October but I’d like to be able To get this thing up and running, help!


Looks like ItSeez3D is on it’s way, but no definite date: https://www.reddit.com/r/3DScanning/comments/cvrun4/structure_scanner_2_thoughts



I just got my Mark II and hooked it up to an Ipad mini 5. It detected it at first and calibrated it with the wide vision lens but then, it asked me to do it without and did not detect the sun light.

It looked like crashed and now, the Ipad does not recnognized the sensor or does not allow me to do the calibration again

need help please


Same issue here. I very excitedly ordered a Mark II but it doesn’t even pass the calibration test. Very unfortunate that the software to support the hardware is missing. Disappointed.


Try renaming the iPad in Settings to trigger a requirement to redo the calibration; once calibrated there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to remove an exisitng calibration.

Don’t have a wide vision lens available, so unsure if you can have two calibrations, with and without that lens, co-exist gracefully.


Is anyone from the manufacturer showing up here? I am having the same problems and am feeling a bit ripped off at this point. Got a model hired for the day and can’t get this Mark II working.


For those people having issues with Wide Angle Lens, worth noting the comment in the What’s New section for the Calibrator app on the App Store

On some older devices (including the iPad Air 2), please ensure you calibrate without a Wide Vison Lens (WVL) prior to calibrating with a WVL. Otherwise, you will not be able to calibrate without a lens after. We will follow up with a fix for this soon. If you run into this issue please contact support@structure.io.