iPad mini 5. Ok to use?


Hi all
I have just upgraded my iPad mini to the new one.
Is it ok to use, someone has told me I will have to wait till there is a firmware update.
Is this correct?



With each announcement from Apple, we begin exploring how to make the Structure Sensor compatible with each of Appleā€™s newest iPad and iPhone models. However, we are unable to complete the testing process or give concrete answers on product compatibility until we have the newest model in our hands for testing.

The full process usually takes a few months after the product is physically released for purchase.

Our community forum, here, is the best place to find any announcements regarding new product availability. (Please note: The forum is read-only until you receive an invitation to post and comment after you purchase a Structure Sensor).

When we do support a new iPad model, we also release a new iPad bracket that fits that iPad specifically, as well as update our software, like the Calibrator App.