iPad Pro 10.5 and bracket


Will the bracket for the iPad Pro 9.7" fit the 10.5"? I’m guessing not? I do not have one to check.
If anyone does try it, let us know.



No, the iPad Pro 9.7" bracket will not fit on the 10.5" iPad Pro model, as the bracket is slightly too short.

We are in the middle of developing brackets that will fit the new iPad model, but the full process usually takes a few months after the product is physically released for purchase.

We make announcements regarding new product availability here on our Community Forum, so please keep checking for updates, as we will have one soon.

Thanks for your interest!


Any update on 10.5" iPad Pro bracket release timetable?


We are getting close to receiving the brackets from our manufacturer, but we haven’t been told an exact release date, as of yet.


Are there any advantages with the new 10.5 in comparison to the 9.7 iPad pro?
Especially when I´m working mostly with Skanect and the uplink feature.


Yeah! The 10.5-inch iPad Pro, not only, has the newest processor found in iPads (A10X Fusion), but also includes 4GB of RAM.

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is also an excellent device but has a slightly older processor (A9X), and only 2 GB of RAM.


This is correct. But I mean advantages in using it with the sensor or bridge in comparison to the old one.


Well, first off, the Bridge Headset can only be used with either the iPhone 6/6s or the iPhone 7.

Secondly, the largest limiting factor for the size of your scan is the memory (RAM, not storage) on your iPad, which is typically 1, 2, or 4 GB.

Also, we find that the increased processor speed allows for easier functionality, especially while using the Uplink functionality with Skanect.


Haha, yes the bridge with an iPad could be difficult. I’m happy with it and my iPhone 6s.
Will upgrade from my air 2 to the pro 9.7. The difference is enough for me :slight_smile: