iPhone 10 bracket


I have designed a bracket for the iPhone 10 which supports the Occipital Handheld Structure Sensor 3D Scanner (iPad Mini 2 & 3). The measurements I used allow for the case that is on my iPhone 10.


I’ve used my 3D printer to produce this and it works great.


Thanks for showing this off! I know that there are a ton of people looking at this for their own iPhones. Maybe you could sell it on shapeways? https://www.shapeways.com/


Thank you, I will give it a look now, ok all I want to do is offer the STL file for download, not offer a printing service.

But I’m not sure if this is possible or how to do it.


Yes, a STL file would be cool, I would like to try and build it on my 3D machine.


I’ll try an upload the STL file when I get home in a few hours.


I would upload the STL file, but this forum does not allow the uploading of STL files. I’d like to offer the download for a low price on the shapeways site, but I can’t see anyway of offering purely a download, it seems to allow printing in any material which I cannot offer.


Consider this: You are not going to become rich on the this one .stl file, but you will help a handful of OSS owners. Why don’t you download the files as open source on Thingiverse.com, you’ll have many appreciative users who will recognize your skills and acknowledge future work.
My group is a chapter of e-NABLE.org and we 3D print open source prosthetic hands and give them away free to those in need.We are trying to use the OSS to scan limb residuals for sizing of hands to print.


This is now available for download:



How does the wide angle lens work with dual aperture of the X?


Sorry, I have no idea.