iphone 7 bracket


Hello Structurers,

Can you please send me the file for 3D printing an iphone 7 bracket.

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Here’s the information needed to design your own iPhone 7 bracket:



Thank you Jim.

I have 2 questions:

  1. If I 3D print the iPhone 6 case as it is in the Started Cad file will it be compatible with the iPhone 7?
  2. Where do i have to input the X, Y and Z coordinates of the iPhone camera in relation to the sensor lens for correct alignment?

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Hi Phivos,

Regarding 1) I found this:

Maybe @mebalzer has some insight on this.

For 2), the Calibrator app will provide the needed information when you select a custom case.



Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well.

Is there a source that sells brackets for iphone 7. I prefer to buy one ready, instead of 3d printing one.



Did someone found brackets for iphone 7 / 7+ and tested it? We will glad to know if it’s possible to work with it?