iPhone X bracket?


I have a sensor from the original Kickstarter campaign. I spent time tinkering with it, and had a good bit of success. My sensor has been unused for a year or so though, and I no longer have the iPad… but I do have a iPhone X. I’d like to get the sensor working again, to scan models for use in a VR project that I’m working on.

  1. Is there any reason to think the iOS software wouldn’t work with the iPhone X?
  2. Are there any brackets out there for it? I see some custom designs on shapeways for iPhone 6 models, but not for anything newer.


Most of the apps available for the Structure Sensor and other iPhones will work with the iPhone X, though we don’t manufacture brackets for any iPhones.

Also, we have yet to see custom brackets made for the iPhone X, but we have heard reposts of customers using the Bridge Headset front face-plates as a suitable “bracket” for their iPhone X. You can purchase the Bridge Headset from the following page: https://bridge.occipital.com/checkout/configuration?bridge-hmd-developer-edition