IR Projectors Structure Sensor


Hi, I was wondering, the structure sensor is composed by a IR camera, IR pattern projector (red lights) and IR what? I mean the little LED near the patter projector, what is their purpose?


such a simple question :neutral_face:


The LEDs are used during Calibration indoor mode (if you run Calibrator without going outdoors) to provide a flashlight-style illumination, so the IR image and iPad visible image can be matched together. You could also access the LEDs programmatically if you had a special application for them. But during depth computation, only the laser projector is used.


thank you Jeff, very useful and complete!


Hi Jeff, how are you going? I was wondering about taking a startup here in Treviso, have you ever heard about this? I want to get a team and develop for Bridge Engine, I think that your device is absolutely astonishing by the power of its capabilities and possible applications. I also know that there is a factory that provides doors, windows and shutter that is looking for a device to directly visualize (in-loco) the products they provide… Hope to hear you soon, best regards!! :slight_smile:


@lelloii, Sounds very interesting. I’ll reach out to you via DM to answer any questions.